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SOEBROTO, Debora Suparni

MA 2013-2015

GKJTU, Indonesien
Personal Story and Achievement. 

My name is Debora Suparni from Indonesia. I am one of the alumni of International Diaconic Management at the Institute for Diaconic Management and Science in Bethel of the Protestant University – Germany, in 2013 up to 2015. Currently I am serving as Director of Sion Foundation of GKJTU (Gereja Kristen Jawa Tengah Utara/ Christian Church of North Central Java) for the period 2015 up to 2020. I am a single parent, because my husband passed away two years ago, I have a son, Adipa Kian, he is 10 years old now. As a single parent, and worker, I have to keep balancing between work and life, although it is really a big challenge, due to my position as a director who responsible for oversees management of my organization as well as many invitations abroad. Yet, God is good all the time, He always provides help whenever I need. Therefore I can do my responsibility as a mother and staff well. 

As the director of Sion foundation, I am responsible for 73 staff, however, I am helped by 3 head of division, they are Education Division, Community Development Division and Administration and Self Reliance Division. I am responsible for oversees the day to day operation of the organization, including leading the staff, handling the finance and maintaining quality management. Therefore I am really grateful to study the International Diaconic Management, where it really contributes much in knowledge and practice to improve my capacity. All the theories I got really sharpen my capacity especially how to manage diaconic institution based on the context, as well as how to survive, because in reality that as the one of non profit organization still depends on the outside donation. Starting from 2016, there are new donators for supporting our programs, it means that we can build trust as a good institution. Since 2017, we also improve our internal revenue from our self reliance division as part of staff improvement. In 2017, we also built entrepreneurship laboratory for students and society where its aim to equip many people to improve their sense of entrepreneurship to start their business. 

It is also my goal when I graduated from my master to improve boards’ capacity, in order to fully engage in their responsibility, their expertise and their knowledge in leading Sion Foundation. Now, Sion Foundation has strategic planning for 2017 up to 2022, code of conduct and safeguard policy for all stakeholders. 

Besides managing my organization, I am also grateful because of I have chosen as the trainer for the program of Church and Community Mobilization of South East Asia. So I got many chances to train many churches in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and also Bangladesh. So, although I am a lay person, but the knowledge of theology that I got from IDM, it really equips me in spirituality. There is no other word I would like to say “Praise the Lord” for giving me a great chance to study at the IDM, because it opens the gate for me to work with many people, many churches from many different context and countries.
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