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Warm and warm: The multirationalities into the horizons!

Press release / 12.11.2016
There is no other best way to describe the general atmosphere of the second alumni meeting of the International Community of Diaconic management (former UIDM) which was held in Bielefeld and Berlin in Germany from 6 to 12 November 2016. The conference was characterized by rich and diverse ideas and opinions, discussions, laughter, lectures and meeting with high profiled people such as Honorable member of German Parliament. The conference kicked off on Monday November 7th, 2016 at Brenner Hotel in Bielefeld, 20 ICDM members from Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Namibia, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri-Lanka and Tanzania were present. The meeting was co-hosted by IDM and UEM with the support of the Germany Exchange services (DAAD).

“It is a great joy to see you again assembled here in Bielefeld after Negombo” said the radiant Angelika Veddeler of the UEM Germany department. “Throughout last year, we witnessed that the Diaconic management and you graduates have gained the momentum in the Member Churches.” She added. Whenever we talked about the diaconia and the course, we received positive feedback of the church leadership and they are able to name a number of the graduates and the change it makes having you back now in your respective Churches.”  She concluded. 

Collegial counseling: Different locations, similar challenges, empowered together!!

The new discovery of peer support through the collegial counseling where the members were peers of peers were able to confront their respective challenges, grievances, fears, moments of low mood as well as to share moments excitement, joy and exaltation. The members in groups identified some multi-rationality issues and addressed them in mutual respect. Finally, prayers were said for each other. “It is amazingly uplifting. You talk and people are actively listening”. Confessed Tioria Sihombing “You feel welcomed and loved that you want to talk more.” She happily added. Jeremiah Rugimbana of Tanzania confirmed “You have that unique feeling that you are especially cared for. You freely learnt from the peers that the challenges you face are not isolated. So, fellows will give you some hints to face them with confidence in the future.”  At the end of the sharing ICDM agreed to continue the sharing in the groups of peer and in bigger group where need be. 

St. Gallen Management Model (SGMM) Generation IV and multirationality management now available in English

St Gallen Management model remained the daily companion of the all Masters of Diaconia Management. The good news is that the English versions of the fourth generation of SGMM as well as of the multi-rationality management books –the latter discusses the concept of multirational management of the current era and it illustrates it with many practical examples- are now available thus can be used by the ICMD members. Professor Büscher Martin refreshed the mind of the former students and now managers serving on the two concepts. “There is not only one single rationality rather a good number of them: law, theology, politics, economics, etc.” He introduced. He went on elaborating that, the multi-rationality management skills help the leader to be able to master those conflicting demands in a pluralistic environment by understanding various traditions.

Rewarding feedback from the alumni

During the individual reporting which has become regular item of agenda of the alumni conferences, we observed new ascents and promotions among the members. Those who once used to be social workers are managers in the institutions with more or less 200 coworkers and a variety of stakeholders and partners. Christine Musongya is from Democratic republic of congo, “When I joined the course, I was a social worker in the hospital. Currently I serve as the head of Diaconia at Community of Baptist Churches in DRC (CBA).” And “The course has equipped me with skills and knowledge. My Church became aware of my competencies that now I manage the whole diaconia department.” She said with a smile. 

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