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Early beginnings

In 20I5, 24 graduates of Masters of international diaconic management of the Institute for diaconic sciences and diaconic management (IDM) of the Protestant University Wuppertal/Bethel and the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) met for the first time. What was a get-together event gave birth to international network of alumni of international Diaconic managers. 

Who are we? 
We are an international network of diaconic managers serving in Churches, Church-Organisations and diaconic institutions in the three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. Our members come from the following countries: Cameroon, China, Democratic Republic Congo, Germany, Ghana, Hongkong, Indonesia, Namibia, Philippines Rwanda, South Africa, Sri-Lanka and Tanzania with a vision for excellence in global and local Diaconia. Currently, the network counts 41 members with equal share and responsibilities.

It has five objectives as follows: Networking, knowledge and experience sharing, collegial counselling and support, fostering contextual Diaconia, care and witness in action. Hence we can share our faith to Christ Jesus by serving the humanity. 

The network is coordinated through an international board made of 7 people elected every year, including regional chairpersons in each of the three continents. 

The network grows each 2 to 3 years ad carries out activities both locally and internationally. It meets in its general assembly every year and rotates around members’ countries.

A short impression about us: Short impression

NEWS from Africa Region
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NEWS from Asia Region
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7th ICDM Annual Conference

24-28 October 2022
Save the Date

Reflection on Sri Lanka and Global World Crisis

September 7, 2022

Poverty Reduction in terms of Covid-19

Press relaese / November 2020
The tradition to travel from different places on earth to meet each other at one melting point and to communicate with the international colleagues face to face, changed in 2020 to a virtual conference.

Public Private Partnership - PPP for common good: the poor, not the profit at the heart of poverty reduction.

Press release / Dezember 2019
The 5th Conference of the International Community of Diaconia Management – ICDM opened on Monday 11th November at Karongi – Rwanda. The one week long conference under the theme “Public Private Partnership (PPP) for Sustainable Development Goals

Current and prospective members of ICDM under one roof!-Networking for poverty reduction and interreligious dialogue

Press release / 03.11.2018
Hosted by STT-Sekolah Tinggi Teologi (High School of Theology) Jakarta, the fourth conference of ICDM-International Community of Diaconic Management- kicked off this 15th October 2018. 35 out of 41 members of ICDM attended the conference in Jak

OBOSO ICDM: go ahead ! - Third alumni meeting in Windhoek planning the future

Press release / 10.12.2017
With the sponsorship of the German Exchange Services (DAAD), from 3rd to 10th December 2017, members of the International Community of Diaconic Management (ICDM), Professors and Partners met in Windhoek, the Capital City of Namibia

Warm and warm: The multirationalities into the horizons!

Press release / 12.11.2016
There is no other best way to describe the general atmosphere of the second alumni meeting of the International Community of Diaconic management (former UIDM) which was held in Bielefeld and Berlin in Germany from 6 to 12 November 2016.

International Union of Diaconic Managers founded in Colombo

Press release / 16.08.2015
Monday 10th, at Paradise Beach Hotel Negombo In Sri Lanka, kicked off the first meeting of the Alumini of the international Masterprogramm Diaconic Management.
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